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The attraction in writing audio drama has grown out of my fascination with deception – how a studio can become Scottish island, a Parisian brothel or a medieval prison cell in the mind of the listener. I love to work with soundscape designers who do wonderful magic and send the actors' speech and the listeners' imagination out to play together.

Another plus is that audio drama lasts. A while back, I helped to found a pop-up theatre company in Glasgow. We performed in basements and coffee shops; we dragged our props in from our car boots and changed in tiny, smelly toilets. I loved it. But live theatre is ephemeral; it's gone forever once you've packed up on your last night.

I love audio drama and history and most things French, so I decided to write plays based on characters from French history. I called my series L'Histoire, which can mean either history or story in French.

The first play in the podcast drama series l’Histoire is about Edith Piaf and the Nazi régime. Heroine or villain? Listen now to Collaboration and judge for yourself

The second play in the series, Confessional, is a dark story which explores the real-life figure behind a gruesome fairy tale. Gilles de Rais, known in France as Bluebeard, was a medieval hero turned serial murderer. The play explores what happens when power is deemed to be absolute.

Just before and during lockdown, I decided to move closer to home to explore the tales that abound off the west coast of Scotland. These are full of creatures and shipwrecks, smugglers' troves and shape shifters. Sea Change and Galore! were written and performed for the fun of it. Enjoy.

I am the writer and director, but the production is done by a team of people whose skills I do not have. You can find out more about the talented folk I work with here on my website

Apr 7, 2022

An angelic fantasy tale set on a remote Scottish island. The bees have all left , apparently forever, and spring has not arrived. Everything is out of kilter and only Breagh, it seems, can put it right. High Spirits is about finding friendship and facing fear. “You’re a child of the air. Your job is to cross the...

Oct 28, 2021

Alex has her own life. And not all of it is for sharing with her parents. But, as it turns out, everyone has their own secrets and when Alex's mum needs a favour, she finds she can't refuse - no matter where that takes her.

Feb 13, 2021

'Sea Change' is a fantasy based on the beautiful Isle of Arran, whose shores hide many mysteries and strange legends. A happy ending? Judge for yourself…


Jan 11, 2021

How many years does it take to feel you really belong? For Francine, living on the Isle of Donan, nothing will ever be the same now that her reason for being here is gone. But Francine is a survivor. Outwardly conventional she may be, but like a true Frenchwoman, she's up for a little rebellion when the opportunity arises.

Apr 15, 2020

In 1429 Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for witchcraft. Gilles de Rais, her captain and a medieval super-hero, was convicted of child-murder and sorcery. He followed her to the stake and burned a decade later.

'Confessional' explores the link between the two events, and examines how powerful men can seem to be...